Established in 1965, Jayrow has been a leader in the Helicopter industry ever since. Jayrow has pioneered many uses for Helicopters in that time. The oldest Helicopter company in Australia means we proudly hold many firsts in Australia. Jayrow was the first Off Shore operator, the first Heli Firefighters, the first to support the Mining Industry, the first Heli Ambulance, the first Helicopters on the Antarctic and the list goes on.

To survive for so long in an industry that is as tough as they come we must be doing something right. That right thing continues through until today. Jayrow is as much of the future as it is in the history of Aviation in Australia.

Jayrow has established bases in Victoria, Northern Territory and West Australia. We have the ability to operate Australia wide and have done so on many occasions.

No matter what your need, Jayrow has your Helicopter Solution.