Quality, Safety and Jayrow Approvals

"JAYROW" a name synonymous within the industry for Safety, Quality, and Service.

The fundamental nature of Helicopter Charter and Aerial Work Operations is change, and having a Company that understands the dynamics of these changes and has incorporated into its management system the policies processes and procedures required to ensure that every type of Operation is carried out as safely, effectively and comfortably as possible is worth more than just money. Here at Jayrow we understand what our clients expect, and we expect to provide that service to you. Having operated for almost 50 years we have learnt from our experience, and it is our experience coupled with our dynamic and robust Safety Management System that enables Jayrow to offer a world leading helicopter service.

Safety Management has developed exponentially over the last thirty years, it has grown out of industrial disasters that in hindsight could have been avoided, and today is finding its way into every aspect of modern life. Jayrow has been at the forefront of safety in the aviation industry for many years, embracing developments long before they have become recommended as best practice; and our safety record reflects the soundness of our decision making, the robustness of our safety systems and the dedication of all our personnel to ensuring safe operations. The foundation today of Jayrow is our Safety Management System, our people understand that safety has to be guaranteed and that our system provides that guarantee to the greatest possible level. Continually improving our processes, identifying hazards and making risk assessments are the every day duties of all our personnel, and our dedication to safety begins at the top with our Board of Directors actively participating in Jayrow's safety management. It is our commitment to our clients, our personnel, and the community.

Management systems are an investment that business today cannot afford to overlook, and Jayrow Helicopters has complete assurance that it has invested wisely with the use of state of the art technologies currently offered the aviation industry in maintaining our aircraft and ensuring personnel compliance.

Air Maestro is a secure, web-based aviation tailored software that enables Jayrow to ensure personnel compliance, effectively manage internal communications and administration; all of our personnel understand and rely upon this important program to ensure our safe operations.

Jayrow also understands the principles that govern a successful enterprise, first achieving ISO 9001 Certification in 2007, we are continually improving our services for our clients. From business partnerships with multinational company's, all levels of government, professionals, to the individual; we only consider our service complete when our clients utilise our services again with complete confidence, and our long standing business partnerships are proof that we are achieving this objective.

But don't just take our word for it, organise a flight with Jayrow today, and experience our service and your peace of mind.