Port Hedland Base

Utilizing Eurocopter's state of the art EC120B Colibri, Jayrow Helicopters Pty Ltd has been providing Marine Pilot Transfer services to the Port Hedland Port Authority for 16 years. The base operates 24 hours a day seven days a week 365 days a years and delivers on average 1200 Marine Pilot transfers per annum; ensuring the giant Iron Ore carrying Vessels keep rotating on every tide. Jayrow's ability to maintain a serviceable fleet of Aircraft is testament to the devotion of its Port Hedland Personnel and the ingenuity and determination of the support staff, we pride ourselves on being able to state that we are an integral key in ensuring that the Port of Port Hedland is the largest haulage Port in the world.

However that is not all Jayrow offers Port Hedland, Jayrow is also able to offer Patient transfer services to sick or injured seafarers, and is also well known to the town of Port Hedland for providing Christmas hampers to ships out at anchorage each year, just to let those spending Christmas at sea know that the spirit of Christmas is alive and well.

The fleet also includes a Bell 206 BIII which has a rich history of supporting both the PHPA and also third party clients. The Aircraft is sling lift capable and can provide ship transfers, scenic tours, and various other services to third parties; a service supported by Jayrow's first class management system and a devoted team of specialists ensuring the safety and reliability of every flight. To find out more information on helicopter services offered by Jayrow at Port Hedland or anywhere else within Australia please see our contacts page.