Melbourne Base

Melbourne is the central base for Jayrow. Head office manages the many facets that go into creating, co-ordinating and reviewing a successful product such as the one we produce.

Head office is the central management of our finance department, pilots, quality, operations, engineering, inventory and technical records. This is all the result of dedicated individuals who all bring their unique skills and commitment to the table and as a team produce a tight management team committed to each other and the organization.

Head office regularly reviews every facet of the organization through regular information sessions. This is information provided to the department head from the team members in the field. This direct information is collated and KPI's are assessed. Committing to the ISO 9001 system has taught us how to evaluate and interpret the information gathered into important seeds of the future. This evaluation of information has allowed us to develop our plans and keep us focused into the future.

An engineering Centre is also based in Melbourne where we refurbish our helicopters on a regular basis ensuring our equipment is updated and kept to a state of the art standard. The introduction of this engineering Centre has relieved our engineering Centre's of deep level maintenance allowing them to concentrate on keeping the equipment maintained to a high in field level.

Melbourne's base is totally focused on Jayrow's day to day and future operations and this professional attitude will carry us well into the future.